Live Well By Living Fit


This CrossFit stuff is great, right? The challenging workouts are probably leaving you feeling better each day. Having your Loud City athletes around you makes the challenge much more surmountable. You are probably seeing a lot of changes in the way clothes fit, or the way that you perform in the gym. Your energy levels may be higher. Gymnastics movements that once seemed impossible now seem attainable. And that weight that you could once barely get off of the floor is now easily going overhead.

CrossFit helps athletes achieve some great things. Your goal may be to look better for the beach, perform better in a sport, or play with your kids and grandkids for longer. CrossFit can help you reach any of those goals, and it can help you live a much better life.

CrossFit can help you live well; and to us, living well means living fit.

Our goal at Loud City, along with CrossFit gyms around the world, is to try and create a more fit society. While some believe that fitness is tied up in vanity or potentially self-centeredness, we believe that creating a more fit group of people will actually benefit our communities.

In March 2018, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) attributed 7 out 10 American deaths to chronic disease, or a disease persisting for more than three months. Not only that, but a large portion of our nation’s health care costs can be attributed to fighting chronic disease. The catch is that many chronic illnesses cannot be prevented by vaccines or cured by medication.

So what are we going to do with that knowledge? How can we combat a tough opponent like chronic disease? Enter the Sickness-Wellness-Fitness Continuum.


This is a great diagram to help depict what CrossFit is trying to accomplish. Almost all diseases that would fall under the chronic category are what we consider to be on the “Sickness” end of the spectrum. While wellness, or the state of being in good health, is commendable, we believe that fitness is the ultimate goal. To many people, wellness is simply the act of being disease free, but slipping from wellness to sickness doesn’t take much. On the other hand, achieving a high level of fitness pushes an athlete further away from sickness.

Simply put, we want to create a hedge against sickness.

We understand that CrossFit isn’t a cure-all. Honestly, nothing is. However we do believe that doing constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity can build more formidable humans. If you follow the CrossFit methodology with a sound nutritional foundation, then you will be putting yourself further from chronic disease, and closer to living your best life. Wellness is good, but fitness is better. Live well by living fit.