Invest in Health

Get loud with us at CrossFit Loud City. Here, you'll find more than a gym, you'll find accountability, community, and results. We can't wait to meet you.

-CrossFit Loud City Team

Membership - $100 / Monthly

Unlimited check-ins to group classes and open gym sessions.

Free Fitness Assessment

1-1 with a certified CFLC Trainer talking about your health and fitness goals, touring our gym, plus answering any of your questions.

3 Training Sessions - $100

Semi-private sessions utilizing CrossFit methodologies, focusing on bodyweight movements and light weight implements. You will get sweaty and have fun.

When you arrive

No need to sign up for a specific class, after registering, show up a few minutes early to get acquainted with the location. When you get here sign in on the Check-in iPad and introduce yourself to the coach and jump into the session or class.